Downloading Cryptologic Software

Most online casinos require players to download special game software onto their computers before they can access the full range of features in most of their games. Thankfully it is not difficult to download Cryptologic casino software, and most games do not take up too much room on the player's hard drive.

Correctly Downloading the Software

Before players attempt to download the Cryptologic game software, they must make sure that they have sufficient room on their hard drives. If there is room for the game, then the player can click on the download link. The player will be directed to a separate page that will confirm the player has the right operating system, what currency the player will be playing in, and where the player would like to save the game files. Once all of that information is completed, the download will begin automatically.

Installing the Games

After the file has been downloaded, the game will ask the player if he or she wants to begin the setup process. If so the game will ask the user to agree to the game and the casino's terms of service, agreeing that the player will not use the software to violate any laws that govern either the casino or the player. The player will then have to register the software with the casino, which also allows the player to set up an individual casino account.

After following all of these simple steps, the player can begin enjoying his or her downloaded Cryptologic casino software. The game will allow the player to connect with the casino directly and sync account balances and wagers without delay.