Hi Lo Blackjack System

Originally developed by John Ferguson and published in the book "Professional Blackjack" under the name of Stanford Wong, the Hi-Lo blackjack system helps blackjack players step up their game. Using computer-simulated models and advocating a professional approach to blackjack, Wong's system introduces a way of playing blackjack online for profit and promises of big wins.

Using the Hi-Lo System

Like most card-counting systems, the Hi-Lo system assigns values to different cards. The 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 all receive a value of +1, the ten-value cards and the Aces receive a -1, and the 7, 8, and 9 are neutral. Players maintain a running count and use a true count conversion to keep a deck count. What is unique about this system is the role insurance plays. Players are required to purchase insurance depending on the number of decks in play. On top of this, players must keep track of a number of indices, making this a complex counting system.

Compared to Other Betting Strategies

While the indices and insurance factors make the Hi-Lo blackjack system more complicated than most one-level count systems, these complexities help make this one of the most efficient one-level count betting systems available. In order to achieve the same efficiency, most other strategies require three and even four-level counts. Players may be overwhelmed by the number of strategy variations, but as Wong recommends, the most important strategy is always to focus on just the hand in play. Everything else just adds a fraction of an edge.

Players can put Wong's Hi-Lo blackjack system to work for them at sites where slots and other games are played by professionals and novices alike. With a bit of practice and luck, players can soon pull in the big bucks and succeed at this challenging and exciting game.