US Online Gambling

When it comes to the Best Online Gambling in the world, there is little arguing that Europe takes the cake. However, US players can also enjoy online gambling despite laws that prevent banks from doing business with online casinos.

Why Online Gambling in the US is Illegal

Although bricks-and-mortar casinos flourish in many parts of the United States, online gambling has been banned. Though many American players enjoyed online gambling for several years after its introduction, the year 2006 saw that end. Due to the increasing number of online casinos that sprang up after the turn of the century, American legislators were unable to monitor all of the different venues available to players. Therefore, laws that restricted US banks from doing business with online casinos were put into place.

The Law

The law that prevents Americans from gambling online is known as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, and although there have not been any reported cases of American players being penalized for gambling online, there are strict penalties for both the casinos and the banks that allow financial transactions. The only exceptions to this rule are internet-based lotteries, bets on horse racing and those associated with fantasy sports.

Enjoying Gambling in the US

American players who want to enjoy the best online gambling still have a few options available to them. First, they can visit free game rooms that allow players to compete for credits instead of real-cash prizes. Players may also choose to conduct financial transactions with actual casinos via alternative methods such as eWallets, though there are very few companies who will still do business with American customers.

All in all, online gambling in the US is illegal and most online casinos will not accept American players. However, players from the US who want to participate in the best online gambling available still have several options available to them.